A Message of Condolence

On behalf of TIANS Board of Directors and Staff, our hearts go out to the Nova Scotia Communities impacted by the recent senseless and tragic events. We extend our thoughts and prayers to the families, friends and colleagues of the victims and heartfelt gratitude to the RCMP and other first responders for their heroic response.

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TIANS is working closely with our partners and stakeholders to support the Industry during this challenging time. As part of our efforts, we are taking steps to provide resources and updates for tourism operators through the new Tourism Strong digital hub.

Use Tourism Strong as your source for timely and relevant Industry news, government supports, research, health & wellness, and rebuilding into the future. Additional links, blogs from Industry leaders, news and tools will be added as they become available. Contribute to the conversation with post comments, or submit a Blog or FAQ to be added to the hub.

While we may be exploring unchartered territory, we are on this journey together. We are confident in the Industry’s resiliency and capacity to rebuild. Join the conversation at the TIANS Together Discussion Group on Facebook.

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Important Contact Information:

Government of Canada:Novel Coronavirus Toll-free Line
Public Health Website

Province of NS: Coronavirus

Public Health Agency of Canada:

Government Business Navigators:
1-844-628-7347, 902-424-4475

Media Contact:

Nicole LeBlanc


Webinar Series

TIANS and our partners are hosting a series of specialized free webinars to tackle the challenges faced by small COVID-19. These webinars are geared at equipping businesses with the skills and knowledge they need to survive the new realities of our COVID economy.


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